Sunday, October 17, 2010

Adventures in My Land

This isn't so much of an adventure, but it's something rather sad.  Erma's pet rattie, Mr. Mistoffelees, died yesterday morning. He'd been sick for a few days, and it started with one eye bulging practically out of his head. He was still active and eating until the last day, when he would just lie in the bottom of the cage.  I held him that last day, hoping that I gave him some comfort.

Stoff, October 14, 2010

BDG, my big, dumb Golden retriever, who is actually very intelligent, has been on a food stealing binge again.  He has the habit of opening my kitchen cabinets and taking out cans and/or boxes of things he seems to find interesting, and he'll carry them into my room.  I have found cans of tuna, soup, boxes of macaroni and cheese, and all sorts of pantry items in my bedroom after BDG has gone exploring. 

BDG has been known to open the oven, too, and take out food, such as pork chops, that I'd baked for dinner.  One time he ate Dr. Lampshade's entire meal, and poor Lampshade had worked all day in the corn fields, detassling, and he was exhausted and starving.  I felt so badly for my son!  BDG, on the other hand, was quite pleased with his find.

Well, last week, Saige and I were sitting in the living room.  Her boyfriend, Mr. Clean, was in the bathroom.  There was a loud crashing sound, and both Saige and I took off to see what happened.  We thought that Mr. Clean might have dropped something or that he could have fallen.  When he said it wasn't him, we turned to look in the kitchen.  Do you know what my bad dog had done?  Don't worry, I'm going to tell you.  That bad dog had opened the refrigerator, pulled out a baking pan that held leftover chicken drumsticks, and he had merrily eaten all the drumsticks before we knew what happened!  

Then last night, I'd made oven-fried chicken for dinner (yes, we eat it a lot.  It's been on sale).  At one time I accidentally dropped a piece of my chicken, and BDG scarfed it down in about .28 seconds.  Mr. Clean had two pieces, but he was full, so he'd set one piece aside.  I looked at it, considering taking it since I'd lost my last bit of chicken, when BDG leaned over, and snatched that chicken off the plate!  He was like a Chicken Ninja, I swear.  

This morning I found BDG curled up on my bed, cuddling with a green apple.  Remember how I showed the photo  yesterday with him curled up with a tennis ball?  I think he thought the apple was another ball.  

Sure, he looks innocent!  Don't let him fool you.

"MAKE ROOM! Make room for me!!"

Poor Saige is sick right now. I think she has strep throat, because her tonsils are swollen and have white patches on them.  Her throat hurts, she's running a fever of 101.2, and she just generally feels like crud.  I've been pushing her to drink tons of water, and am giving her Motrin for the fever and aches and pains.  If this doesn't get better or it really does seem to be strep, I'll take her to one of the clinics here--or The Doc in the Box, as our regular doctor calls them.  Our doctor is out of town, and he knows sometimes it's easier to take a kid to a clinic rather than make an appointment all the way out to see him, especially if the kid just needs antibiotics.

I'm supposed to go visit Dr. Lampshade today.  He's in an unfortunate situation right now, and we don't know when his circumstances will change.  Apparently his wife is going to come get me some time before noon.  It's 11:35 now, so we'll see if she shows up.  I need to bring him his inhaler, too, so don't let me forget it!

Britney is packing up the apartment she shares with Lampshade and is moving in with her dad.  Lampshade, when he's out of where he is now, will go there to live, too.  They had the money to pay the rent, and Lamp was working at temp jobs when this mess occurred.  However, he also spent the rent money and bought hamsters, a cage, a new tattoo, and more junk.  He's really not that great with money.  So, Britney figures they're going to be evicted and she wants to leave while she can still hold her head up with some pride.  

I'm just glad they have a place to go that isn't here.

Yes, I love my son, but he has issues and problems that I can't fix.  If you've followed my journal for any time at all, you know the things that we've gone through with Lampshade.  It's better if he doesn't live with me.

I had to laugh when I saw this:

You know a kid is tired when he falls asleep while cuddling a couple 2 liters of soda.

One project I'm working on now is to replace the mirror in the bathroom that Lampshade broke last Christmas.  I took off the panel and then began removing all the mirror pieces.  Most of it was easy, but then I ran into a snag.  The glue they used to stick the mirror on to its backing is extremely strong, and it's black.  I'm having a lot of trouble removing those last few bits of mirror.

What seemed like a fairly easy project has become pretty difficult.  I can't get the glue to dissolve, no matter what I've tried.  I can't get it scraped off, either.  Grrrr!

I'm changing the subject back to Mr. Mistoffelees, because I found a photo that shows how his eye was bulging.  I would have put it up with the other part about Stoff, but for some reason, the picture won't paste to that area.  

With that, I shall leave you with this picture of more pet love.  Here Binnie Boo and one of the White Boys cuddle up together on the couch.  

So now go in peace, be warm and filled.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mid October Update

I love fall.  I love the way the leaves change colors, and I love the crispness in the air.  October skies are an incredible blue color, at least they are in this part of the country.  The smell of fall is amazing, too, filled with spices and apples and decaying leaves, all mixed together to form a potpourri of autumn.

This October has been weird.  The first part of the month was excessively hot, and instead of fall weather, we had what felt like early summer.  In fact, I have violets blooming again in my yard!

Saige's boyfriend now wishes to be called Mr. Clean, so that's going to be his new name here.  He said it's because he cleans up nicely and looks good, and because he helps me clean the house sometimes.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just a Test

I am testing blogger to see if this site fits my needs for a new journal location.

Ambrose and Erma
Sept 2010