Monday, May 16, 2011

Trip to the Hospital

Last Friday, yes, the 13th, as in, you know, Friday the 13th (gasp), Saige had to have blood work done and had to have a CT scan, too.  The doctor is trying to rule out bad, bad things like cancer or gall bladder disease, in his quest to figure out what is causing Saige to have such bad nausea.

I think it's Dr. Lampshade.

I mean he's the cause.  He causes stress, and stress leads to stomach aches.

But it's good to rule out stuff that can be horrible.

When we have one member of our family going to the hospital, the rest of us go along.  It's not only a fun, bonding experience, but we also get lots of hysterically funny photos.

Saige is ready for anything!!
Even this nasty radioactive drink o' grossness they gave her.  (I'm not exactly sure why my boobs are crawling down to my stomach.  I blame gravity.  Stupid gravity!)

But oh, this stuff is NASTY!

Amusing, but oh, so nasty.

Jethro tried encouraging her to drink it down.  Or else he was saying, "I had to do that, too.  Just guzzle it and get it over with!"

We got some candy from one of the quarter vending machines, and Hope was amused by her blue tongue.  Look behind her, though, at Saige's face!

YAY, Spongebob Squarepants!

And yay for finishing the nasty drink!

Having your blood drawn is always a fun activity, too.

As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again!  Or, I'll never have blood drawn again.  Whichever comes first, dang it.

Then this weekend, Lampshade's wife, Britney, showed up with their niece, Anklebiter.  Anklebiter absolutely, positively, adores Lampshade.  She thinks he is funny!

She is a cutie, isn't she?  I got to hold her for a little bit, but she kept giving me the "stranger danger" fearful look, and a couple times she got the quivering lip, so I gave her back to Aunt Britney and Uncle Lampshade.

We had Hope and Justice this weekend, too, so their Mom and Jethro could have some time alone, which they spent cleaning house!  Well, I can remember having two toddlers, or preschoolers, around, and I know that I would have probably cleaned house, too, if someone took my kids for the weekend.

We made some liquid soap, and some of the bath jelly I wrote about.  It did gel, but was more like slime than jelly.  Maybe if I'd had more time for it to cool it would have gelled, but the girls had fun with it, anyway.  Let me tell you, though, when you dump a big thing of purple soap into the bath, the water turns a very dirty gray. The girls didn't mind, though, because they helped make this stuff, and they smelled like grapes.  They got clean, too!

Erma and Ambrose spent the weekend, which is always nice.  I cooked some of Erma's favorite foods, including salmon loaf and lentil stew.  Surprisingly, Hope LOVED the lentils.  She ate a big bowl of lentils on rice.  Justice, on the other hand, wasn't so sure about lentils, so she picked out the sausage she saw and ate that.  

Then Erma spent several hours, making the girls their very own church dolls.  She let them pick out their own fabric and buttons for their dolls.  Of course, once Hope saw Justice's doll, she wanted that one, and we had to remind her that she picked out the things for her dolly.  The girls LOVED those dolls.  At bedtime I made them a crib out of a blanket my mom had sewn for one of Saige's dolls, and we put a piece of fabric on top of the dolls for a sheet. (It was hot, and Hope thought the dolls would like a sheet more than a blanket)  

These dolls were made many, many years ago, when fathers or mothers tied their handkerchiefs into these dolls to keep their kids occupied during some long sermons. If the kids dropped the dolls, they made no noise falling on the floor of the church.  The dolls are soft and cuddly, and Justice was so excited to get her baby, she was trying to tuck it in while Erma was still sewing it!  When Hope was tucking her doll into bed, she said, "Oh, you are as snug as a rug in a bug!"

Some funny things that happened with the kids:

Ambrose, luckily, heard Hope saying, "I don't have anything in this backpack. Not even a kitten!"  Uh, yes, she did have a kitten in her backpack, and this kitten did not like being in the back pack.  I love how little kids tattle on themselves!

Later, with a frown, Justice informed us that, "I not cute!! I darlin'!"  That's because I'll say stuff like, "Come on, darling, and let's get dressed."  

(She is really cute, by the way.  As is Hope, of course.)

Oh, in case I forgot to tell you guys, Lamp's blood work for the Hep C came back as negative.  They thought perhaps he was exposed at one time, because of the first positive.  However, he'd tested just two days before, too, and that test was negative so who knows?  Now he can no longer sell his plasma, which stinks for him because that provides 50 bucks every few days.  So even though the major test came back as negative, because he did have a positive, he can't give plasma.  I'm not sure about giving blood, although if the rules still apply, none of us except for Saige can donate blood because of the time we lived in Germany.

The only one who seems to have an issue when Erma and Ambrose stay the night is BDG.  I slept on the couch so Erma and Ambrose could have my room.  Well, BDG wanted that room, so he kept breaking down the door so he could go in there.  Early one morning I woke up and went to the bathroom, and BDG was standing at my door, waiting for me to let him in.  He is one dog that absolutely loves his routine.  And for my family, especially Emmie, remember how Constance used to get jealous if we petted one another?  BDG is that way, too!  In fact, if someone is talking to me and I'm not paying enough attention to him, he'll desperately try to get in my lap or he'll shove his head under my hand in a bid to get me to pet him.  Silly dog.

Fuzz Dawg likes her routine, too, but she's not as adamant about it as BDG seems to be.  

Oh, the doctor's office called, and Saige's CT scan was normal.  The bloodwork isn't back yet, though.

That's it for now.  Go in peace, be warm and filled!

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