Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Only Thing We Did That Night, to Fill Our Hearts With Cheer..

Was scrape the ice cubes off the corpse and put them in our beer!

Mom used to sing that song, remember, siblings of mine?  The Night That Paddy Murphy Died, I think, is the song. I sang it to my kids, and now I walk around and sing it to the dogs.  They are not impressed, and to be honest, my singing makes Fuzz Dawg anxious, especially if I go to a falsetto voice.  Poor Fuzz Dawg will come running towards me, concern in her eyes, and she'll paw at me in distress, and nuzzle me, and generally try to get me to show her that I'm okay, not howling in pain.
"Are you okay?  I heard howling.  Were you singing?  Huh?  Ooh!  Can I go outside with you?"

"I was singing!  'Oh the cow kicked Nelly in the belly in the barn..'"

Speaking of anxious dogs, last night the fireworks were going off around us, and Fuzz was running around the living room, peering out the windows, and barking hysterically with each loud boom and crack.  She was very upset.  Last year both dogs were terrified, but this year, BDG, the Big Dumb Golden, just kind of laid around on the floor, not paying a lot of attention to the scary noises.  Usually at this time of year that big old dog becomes a lap dog, and when the fireworks start going off, he climbs into my lap, begging for protection from the scariness.

They're not like this at all with thunderstorms, so they know the difference.

Today Saige and I are planning to take a trip to see Britney in the hospital.  We're going to take her a few gifts and we'll pick up an ice cream cake or something for her birthday, which is the 4th.  Right now Saige is sleeping since she's turned into a party animal--party all night, sleep all day--so I'll let her rest and then wake her up when we have to go get the stuff and put gas in the truck and take off.

"I wasn't singing, but I am a party animal!  Rawr."

Okay, in all honesty, I'm pretty sure that Saige isn't partying in the way, say, her big brother Dr. Lampshade would party.  She's actually really allergic to smoke, especially to marijuana smoke.  But it is strange to realize that she's no longer a little kid, and that she has friends and she goes to parties.  ARGH!  Stop growing up, Saige!!

You know she's going to be all defiant and she's going to keep growing up.

Rotten kid.

So, it's insanely hot outside.  The animals mostly just lie around the house, trying to stay cool.  A couple of them spend a lot of time near the potty, not to use it, of course, but to get a drink of water from it. They do that even when their water bowls are filled with nice cool water and ice cubes.  

We've found homes for most of the kittens. We still have P Bear here, who is the most relaxed, gooey cat I've ever known.  By gooey I mean that she just turns to a boneless, floppy kitten when she's sleeping or being petted.

One of the rescued kittens from the ugliest litter on record in the entire history of the world got a new, forever home a few days ago.  I'm glad.  We called her Lola, but her new name is Zoe.  Her sister, Bella, needs a new home soon, because I'm becoming attached to her.  She attached herself to P Bear, it seems, and they spend a lot of time sleeping and playing together.

This photo shows P Bear in the middle, cuddling with Bella and Lola.

I had to laugh yesterday, when Saige and I came home from running some errands and picking up a few groceries.  Why did I have to laugh, you ask?  Yes, I hear you asking.  Well, because of this, first of all:  

Which made me quip, "Sometimes you want a salad, but sometimes, you just want to eat the lettuce seeds."  I'm not sure which animal took a bite out of this seed packet, but I have my suspicions.

The other reason I had to laugh was because I have determined that when you put a bag of groceries in your dresser drawer, you have either turned into your mother, or you are tired and distracted and should just go take a nap.  

Not that I put a bag of groceries in my dresser drawer.


Okay, I am done rambling and carrying on.  Go in peace, be warm and filled.  Have fun this weekend, and be careful! 

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