Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun at The Parks

We'd just arrived at the park, and Hope wanted to swing.  Saige said, "Hold on!" gave a  little push, and Hope immediately fell off.  Hoping to catch the joy of childhood swinging, instead I caught a terrified little girl falling out of the swing.  Oops.

Justice was TERRIFIED of heights and slides.  Absolutely terrified.  There was another little girl at the park, about her size, who had no fear.  Justice would watch her, and stay on the steps, still afraid to move. Finally she got enough courage to go down a little slide, as long as Saige was there to catch her.  Saige convinced her to go down this big, covered slide, and look at the joy on Justice's face.  She was so thrilled she started going down the slides all by herself!

The great slide race of 2011.  Hope is on the bigger slide, and Justice is on the smaller one.

Three little girls, playing together.  And by playing I mean running around after each other and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Hope, keeping safe from falling by going in the baby swing.


Macrame and Jethro showed up to pick up the girls, and Jethro decided he needed to swing, too.

I love Saige's expression here.  She's looking at Jethro like he is the most amusing person on the planet.

Lampshade and Ambrose

It takes all of Lamp's concentration to play on this thing.

Britney, Saige and Erma.  Yes, Britney is really small.  No, my girls aren't giants.

I think Saige is frightened of the water, as she seems to have covered her face in the above photo.

Lamp, Saige, and Britney.  Apparently Lamp thinks he's sexier without his shirt.  I'm just glad he left his pants on!

Saige, in the Christmas Tree Forest

Lampshade attempts a sailor's hornpipe dance atop this jungle gym.

As always, I seem to have no clue what's going on.

The sisters

Britney and Lampshade, who are apparently splitting up today.  She's packing her things.  We go through this a lot, so I'm just shrugging my shoulders and rolling my eyes.

When Emmie and I were little, one day Mom MADE us wear dresses to school.  On the way home from school, even though I'd worn mine all day and had been seen by numerous other kids, I decided that I couldn't be seen any more, and I hid in a large sewer pipe. (I think Emmie did, too, but I'm not sure)  This photo of Erma reminds me of that day.

Saige, at the bridge near the Environmental Center 

Have fun!

Go in peace, be warm and filled.

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