Monday, April 11, 2011

Walking in the Wilderness

Wow, that title could encompass so many things, couldn't it?  Like, a wilderness of life, where things are dark and dreary.  Or, a wilderness where you go walking or hiking.  In this case, it means nothing, because I didn't walk in any wilderness of any sort.

Though we did go to a couple parks yesterday.

Erma and Ambrose spent Saturday night.  Then yesterday was so nice we decided, thanks to Saige's idea, to go on a picnic.

I don't know what that white blotch is in the corner of the photos.  It might be a ghost, but then again, it's probably a smudge on the lens.  A ghost that travels around to be just in the right hand corners of pictures is, I'm sure, a rare ghost indeed.  And since I don't believe in ghosts, well, I have to think it's just a smudge.  

We ate by the duck pond.  Though it's been redone since I was a kid, the Civil War cannons and Memorials are the same.

When I was a young teen, there were some Vietnamese or Laotian refugees who were staying with a woman from our church.  We were playing with them and worried, I asked the little boy, Sang, if he knew what the cannons were.  "Yes!" He replied brightly as he climbed on to one of the bigger cannons."  "Dis my horsie!"

Kids are really resilient, aren't they?

This time we didn't take any, uh, sexually silly photos by the Phallic Symbol Memorial.  You can thank me now.

Look!  Spring beauties!

Ye olde duck pond

If you look very, very closely, you can see Britney (far right, really high) and Saige, by the girl in pink, swinging away.  Apparently some of the girls wanted Saige and Britney to push them on the swings, but were told no.  So one little girl decided to push Saige.  However, instead of pushing her, she smacked her on the booty.  Saige busted up laughing, and decided to leave these swings for the little ones.

Hmm.  I have a lot of photos of Lampshade on top of slides, or in trees.  

I kept trying to catch him in some sort of action shot, like here where he's doing pull-ups, but he moves too fast.  One minute he's doing pull-ups, the next he's climbing on a slide, the next he's running off to some other thing that catches his interest.

We did our absolute best to stay off ice.  It was difficult, but we managed.

These would be ducks.

This would be Saige, running after a Canadian goose in an attempt to befriend it.  The goose didn't really want to be friends.

Nope, not at all.

Saige did get pretty close to the goose.  Erma and I decided that if Saige had had salt to put on the goose's tail, then she might have caught it.

Erma and Ambrose posed for pictures with a styrofoam cup.

Ambrose and Erma.  

Britney and Erma

Erma and Ambrose. (Notice a theme?)

Lampshade and Britney

It was here that we decided to stop writing in the journal, because it was taking too long to upload pictures, and I had no patience any more.  Er, I mean, we had decided to go to the environmental center, so we were leaving the park.

Honestly, it makes me sad that I have to pay so high a price with pain when I go out to enjoy a little trip like this.  We didn't even walk very much, at least, not while I was there, but today I'm in bad, bad pain.  Of course.  I realized, at the environmental center, how slowly I move, and how ponderous I feel.  

Ah well.  I put a call in to my doctor's office to see if the results of my blood work are back yet, but alas, they  haven't called me back.  It's Monday, so I'm sure they are busy.  Still, they should call me immediately, if not sooner!  These doctor's offices rarely listen to my instructions, and call whenever the dook they want.  

Okay, go in peace, be warm and filled.  

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