Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I was going to use this day to write something for my kids about their Dad (25 Dec 55- 1 Oct 04).  I've written quite a bit about my dad over the months and years I've written this journal, and though he's pretty darn awesome, I want to use this space to copy a letter in a card my youngest daughter, Saige, made for me.

Dear Mom,

Thank you for all that you have given up to make sure we were/are safe.  For putting all your pain aside when we get sick.  For all the money you gave us just because we asked for it, for everything you've done even when we didn't ask.  Thank you for being such a strong woman, that you managed to raise us on your own, for keeping all of us basically healthy, for always making sure we had clothes even when you really didn't.

Just thank you for being the best person ever.  If anyone thinks they have the best mother ever they are wrong.  You've done a better job at raising us than anyone else and even though it hurts you to walk far you made up for all that, just by using humor, love and kindness. And we could always talk to you about anything and you never judged any of it.  So happy Father's Day Mother's Day.  Yup, you get two a year.

Love, Saige

Let's see, she saved my life when I had pneumonia...  and probably a few other times, I'm sure, (and yes, Jethro, you did well, too, when I had pneumonia) whether she meant to or not.  So today I give her the "Best Kid Of Mine In The World" a title that can be easily lost if  one of my other kids brings me a good gift.  No, I love all my kids, but this is a pretty special card and letter.

Thank you, Saige.

Saige is the one with less fur on her face, in case you were confused.

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