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When Good Thrift Stores Go Bad and/or Stalking The Wild Lampshade

My favorite thrift store is under new management, and oh, it's awful now.  They used to be very careful about quality, and lately, I've found items that are torn and stained that cost 2 dollars or more.  There's no consistency anymore, either.  Some t-shirts might run for 90 cents and be fine, so that's a good deal, but most things are higher priced than they used to be.  The store has been rearranged, which makes it difficult to find the items I want.  It used to be, too, that clothing was arranged by color.  Now t-shirts and pants are hung up on the racks all willy-nilly.  Plus, they sell things like this now:

That's a ceramic statue that I'm sure was meant to look cute, but instead, it looks really perverted.  The little boy standing on his hands has a rip in the crotch of his pants, and the old lady is fixing them.  It just looked...  bad.  Very bad.

Lampshade has a stalker now, and she's honestly making Saige and I a tad bit nervous.  She's probably about my age, perhaps a little younger, and she moved in to a house around the corner.  Lampshade noticed her moving in, and he offered to mow her yard for free.   A few days later, the grass was coming up high again, so he mowed it for a small amount of cash.  And now she loves him.  She keeps showing up at our door, looking for him.  Saige and I found her yesterday walking up and down in front of the house.  Later, she was parked out there, watching for Lampshade.


I mean, he is pretty, of course, but still, this woman obviously doesn't know his personality or history, or she'd probably steer clear.

Photo by Saige

Remember the kittens Punc gave birth to a few months ago?  Well, all of them but one found homes.  I am so glad about that.  However, there was a feral cat who gave birth to a litter in the neighbor's garage, and then one of the kittens she had ended up in our backyard, yowling like a grouchy old man.  She is the loudest kitten I've ever heard in my life, and we've had a lot of kittens around this place.  She is also the ugliest kitten I've ever seen.  She's even uglier than Imp, who was the ugliest cat in the world until this baby came along!

Saige immediately named her Bella, due to her undeniable beauty.  Ha!  Well, the next day, there was another white kitten in our back yard.  In fact, the feral mother was there with a few other kittens, but they escaped, all but the second white one.  I wouldn't have taken the kittens, other than the fact that we have enough feral kittens around, the Animal Control dude we called wouldn't take them, and they were incredibly skinny and very dehydrated.

The second kitten looks a lot like Bella, only she has a large scratch over one of her eyes.  Her name is Lola. (Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there She would merengue and do the cha-cha, And while she tried to be a star, Tony always tended bar.. sorry, every time I say her name or write it, a Barry Manilow song hits my brain and I must sing it)

The kittens were still nursing, so we are giving them a bottle occasionally.  Both are big enough to be weaned, but Bella eats regular cat food a lot better than Lola does.  They are terrified of humans, though they are getting better about realizing we are the food source for them and therefore we are worthy of their love.  They have absolutely no fear of BDG or Fuzz Dawg, which amazes me.  Punc gets very confused about them, and will groom them and do the mama cat chirp to them, and then she'll stop as if to say, "WHO THE DOOK ARE YOU???"  Punc's kitten that didn't find a home, Gray Butt, does not like these usurpers, and she will bat at them or growl when she sees them.

Oh!  The other night Saige went outside for some reason, and there was a big raccoon on our front porch!  She texted Lampshade to tell him that the coon was there, and then her next text to him was, "HELP ME!"  Apparently the raccoon was hissing and growling, and then it went from the porch to the roof, which freaked Saige out even more than just seeing it there.  There's no cat food or anything on the porch, but the recycling bin is out there, so I figure the raccoon smelled something delicious in the bin and came up to have a look around.  

I spent the night at Jethro and Macrame's place a day or so ago.  It gave me some time to hang out with my fake grandkids.  I LOVE their place.  They have so much land, plus an old barn on the property, and lots of trees.  It's gorgeous out there.  Jethro has a little garden going, and whenever I'm there, I can't help but think of how tickled my mom would be if she knew.

Hope and Justice in the back seat of Ambrose and Erma's car, reading a book.

Jethro's little garden.  A ground hog ate up the lettuce, but the corn and tomatoes are doing well.

The barn.  The last picture I took by just putting the camera into an opening of the barn wall, and I caught an enormous spider web when I did so.  Pretty cool, huh?

Hope decided that the burned charcoal dust from the grill was "Fairy Dust" or "Pixie Dust"  She collected a cup full of it to spread around the yard.

Justice wanted some dust, too, but Hope wasn't so sure she wanted to share it.

She finally decided that sharing the dust would be nice, so Justice got a bit, too.
Justice heads for the center of these trees that have grown together over the years.

And she kept trying to get me to come in there with her.  There was no way.  I'd get myself stuck, no doubt!

Hope and I played like this log was a bridge over some water.  I kept falling in.  She made it across.

There are two beautiful birch trees near the trailer.

As well as walnut, oak, and several other varieties of tree.

Inside the barn.  In the top photo is a picture of a board that came out of an old farmhouse.  On the board the date is written--1946.  I wonder when the house was built, and why it was torn down.  It must have been pretty old in 1946!

There are rusted barrels, boards, and a truck from the 1950's in the barn, too.

Bricks from an old well 

An old hinge on the barn

I love barns, and I hate that there are so few left now.  It used to be that when we drove around the countryside, we'd see lots of barns.  Since so many farms have been purchased by corporations like Monsanto or by colleges like the University of Illinois, the barns were torn down, no longer considered necessary.  It makes me sad.

We also used to see tons of red-winged blackbirds, and those seem to be very scarce now, too.  Erma and I did see one not too long ago as we were driving, but it's so rare that we were exclaiming with excitement over that one.  

picture of a male red-winged blackbird

(I didn't take this photo.  It's from the site I linked in the above paragraph)

Anyway, after running around in the heat and sprinkling everything around with "fairy dust", the girls were pretty dirty.  I was messing around with the pump on the property, and sure enough, water came forth!  The girls had a lot of fun playing in it.

While the girls were playing, Jethro was cleaning out his car.  He works so many hours that it's difficult to find time to do those chores like cleaning the car or doing dishes, etc.

Oh! Erma is now working with Jethro, too.  Apparently their boss wants to meet me, because he wants to see this awesome woman who raised such wonderful kids on her own.

(No, he hasn't met Lampshade)

So my two oldest kids are employed with good jobs.  Macrame and Ambrose are both working, too.  Lampshade isn't looking at all for a job, but Saige has applied to place after place after place, and even got one phone interview.  She wasn't hired, but she is sure trying hard to find work.

Lamp hasn't been going to his probation meetings, so I imagine he'll probably have a warrant issued on him in the near future.  I'm not sure, because I don't really know how it all works, but I can't imagine they just let someone get away with not going or not paying their fines.

And that, my friends, is that.

Go in peace, be warm and filled!

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