Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Historic Storm?

We were supposed to get 20 inches of snow, but I think we have a tad bit less than that.  Hmmm.  I think there's maybe 6-8 inches out there.  Our blizzard fizzled.

My son, Dr.  Lampshade, was in the hospital due to a bad case of pneumonia.  He was released yesterday, and had to pick up his medicine.  I took him and his wife home, and later picked up the meds and took them to him.  I'll admit that driving then was a bit scary, and the car did get stuck one time.  The sleet was pelting the car, there was a lot of ice, the snow was starting to fall, and the roads were quite slippery.  We got stuck in a driveway that we pulled into as we, we being Mr. Clean and I, pulled into a drive next to Lamp and Britney's house.

Mr. Clean had to push the car out.

Later in the evening, as the snow was falling fast and the winds were blowing, we kept taking power hits. One second someone would say, "Power's out." The next someone else would say, "Power's back on."  We continued doing that until bedtime, mostly because we had nothing else to entertain us.  We were charging the laptop, cell phones, and game systems so if the power did go out, we'd have a way to get news and to communicate with the outside world.

But, luckily, the power stayed on, except for those brief moments where it was off, then right back on.

In other news, Saige is engaged to Mr. Clean.  I think they are too young, but I agreed to them getting married as long as Mr. Clean can support a wife, and provide her with insurance.  This is going to be a long engagement, I hope.

Or perhaps Saige will work and support him.

Either way, as long as I'm not supporting them.

So, Saige went outside yesterday to shovel.

She loves to shovel.

What you can't see in the photos is the sleet coming down hard and smacking her in the face.

BDG, my big dumb Golden, stayed nice and toasty warm.

No.  He's not spoiled.  Why?

This morning I took a picture of Jethro's car, to show how deep the snow was on it.  It's not a good gauge for the snow depth, but it definitely was covered!  

There's a Comcast truck stuck out in front of the house.  I hate Comcast.  Guess who's not helping, tee hee!!

Okay, I can't push trucks or shovel snow, so I actually can't be any help.  But I like to say none of  us will help because it's a Comcast vehicle.

Anyway, we were gone for so long due to me shutting off cable.  Yes, it was Comcast.  Anyway, we have a wireless thingy that I bought at WalMart, and it costs me 40 bucks a month for unlimited wireless internet.  It goes down a lot, and it's rather slow, but it's the internet.

I'm trying to find the SD card with Erma's wedding photos, but it seems to be missing.  Sorry, to those who haven't seen them.

I gave Erma away, and said that "I, and the spirit of her father, give her to whatshisname."  Or something like that.

She walked down the aisle to the Imperial March from Star Wars.  

I love Erma.

Anyway, I'll try to update occasionally here.

Stay warm, all of you who were in this storm.

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