Saturday, February 19, 2011

Recovery and Recuperation

My mom has been gone for two years now.  Two years, today.  It's not any easier today than it was two years ago.  I envy those who can move on with their lives, but it also hurts a bit, because I don't want my mom to be forgotten.  She was special, and I miss her so much, each and every day.

There is no way for me to recover from her loss.  All I can do is just go on the best way I know how.

But you know what I miss the most? I miss it when I got her laughing so hard that her hand would fly in front of her mouth, in an effort to stop the giggles.  Mom had a different sense of humor, but sometimes I could hit her funny bone just right, and she'd start to break into peals of laughter.  Then I'd start laughing, and she'd laugh harder, and before you knew it, we'd both be gasping for breath.  I miss her support, of course, too, and how she cared enough to remember things like doctor's appointments or job interviews, and how she'd send cards to let us know she was thinking about us or hoped we'd get well soon.  A couple of times she even came back to town, to go with us to a doctor's appointment, in case the diagnosis was something horrible.  But right now, I miss her laugh most of all.

I hope she's laughing like crazy, up in heaven.

Let me just state for the record that it's much easier to recover from a tonsillectomy than the death of a beloved mom or grandmother.  We put a mattress in the living room so that I could stay with Saige and be close by, but after two nights on it, I was done.  She made up the bed for herself last night.

Ha!!  I love that picture.  BDG thinks he's a human, by the way.

Mr. Clean went out and bought Saige some balloons, which she loves very much.

She even felt well enough to mess around and be silly the day after surgery.

Please ignore the toilet paper on the couch.  Thank you.

That little stuffed horse, since named, Squirrel, was from Ambrose and Erma.  Erma told him to buy Saige flowers, but Ambrose thought it would be weird to buy flowers that up and die, so instead he chose a stuffed animal.  Saige loves little Squirrel the horse, so it's all good.

I don't really have a lot to write about.  Most of my time has been taken up with getting Saige popsicles or Italian ices, or of helping her to the bathroom.  I'm also taking care of our black cat, Teo, who was found under a car the night of the big snowstorm.  The kids brought him inside, and we noticed he had been bitten on his ear.  Well, I started to clean out the wound and put triple antibiotic ointment on it.  A few days later, one of his legs was swollen, and so I thought, "Huh."  It was infected, too.  Then two more of his legs became swollen.  For several days I thought he'd die at any moment, but last night and this morning when I fed him, he worked to get on his feet for his food.  I'm using hot packs, or warm wash clothes dipped in antibiotic soap and epsom salts to try to draw out the infection, and then I cover the wound areas with the antibiotic ointment.  Yes, I should probably take him to the vet, but there is my lack of money to consider, as well as the fact that he was so bad that I'm sure they would have wanted to put him to sleep.  

You might remember that Binnie Boo went to live with Ambrose and his grandparents, because Fuzz Dawg was beating up on her constantly.  Ambrose brings Binnie here to visit occasionally, and each time we have to put Fuzz Dawg up, or else she'll attack.  She does NOT like Binnie, apparently.  Anyway, Binnie has had a bad tooth pulled, so her nasty breath is much improved, and she's happy in her new home.  She is extremely close to Ambrose, and won't go outside to go potty unless he comes with her, the silly dog.  She has a good home and isn't being beat up on all the time.  I miss her, too, but I am glad to be down to 2 dogs, let me tell you!

So, that's it, I think.  Go in peace, be warm and filled.

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