Friday, March 18, 2011

Casting of the Characters

BDG is my Big Dumb Golden (retriever).  That's not his name, it's what he is.  He's the biggest, fattest, golden I've ever met in my life.  Though I call him dumb, he's actually extremely intelligent.  For example, if there's chicken or pork chops in the oven, this dog will merrily open the oven and help himself.  He can open the refrigerator, and the garbage is never off limits to him.  He loves everyone and assumes they love him, but he's so hyper around visitors that he can be rather scary if they're not used to dogs.

Ball? Ball?  Somebody play with me, please!?!?!

Fuzz Dawg is our mixed breed smaller dog.  She was rescued during an ice storm, when her owners had tossed her out due to her having fleas.  They were feeding her things like raw, hamburger, and during the summer, that raw hamburger turned, well, you can imagine.  When I saw her out in the street with icicles hanging from her fur I couldn't stop myself.  I took her in.  It didn't help that she knew Saige, too, and Saige was calling her over to us. The owners ended up giving Fuzz Dawg to Saige, because they couldn't take care of the dog.  They were good people, and helped me out several times with different things, but they just didn't have the time, knowledge, or money to take care of a dog.

I want chicken nuggets, too, I sure do!  

Yes, I know that I'm a bad pet owner, due to Punc giving birth.

Still, I can feed the animals dog food and cat food, and I know how to cook up various meats and rices for a tasty meal if I do happen to run out of kibble.

Punc took her kittens upstairs to hide them last night.  I think it's because Lampshade and Britney came over, and Lamp was playing Hide and Go Seek with the babies.  What that means is that he took 3 of her babies, and ran off with them, until Punc came looking for them, in a huge panic.  I couldn't find the kittens for a long time, and one is still missing.  (Nocka, Jr.)  I'm afraid that kitten will die if I don't find her soon, since kittens have to be nursed about every 2 hours.  Punc nurses them like every hour, I swear.

Teo is a big, black cat, who is dying.  I'm pretty sure now he has some kind of liver disease.  I was trying to wash him off last night, since he's covered with feces, pus, and blood, (he can't clean himself), and he's usually good and docile about that.  I guess I must have hurt him yesterday because that cat yowled and then bit the heck out of my arm!  It's all bruised now, with 2 puncture holes.  I immediately poured all kinds of wound cleaner into the bite, scrubbed it with rubbing alcohol (that hurt!!), and then ran to the drug store to buy more antibiotic ointment,  antibiotic band-aids, and some Epsom salts.  Once I soaked the wounded arm in the hot water filled with epsom salts and Hibiclens, it started to feel better.  It's still a bit painful, but yesterday my whole arm hurt.  I do worry, though, because cat's mouths are so dirty, and I really don't know what Teo is sick with.

Then there are the 3 cats I actually claim are ours.  They are named Lil Nocka, Dos, and Imp.  Nocka is the mother of Dos, and Dos is the mother of Imp.  They are all spayed and have their shots.  Imp actually had another home, but was brought back because she was making too much noise in the girl's apartment and the neighbors complained.  Teo and Punc are ours, sort of, though Teo did spend a lot of time outside, and we know he had other homes.  He'd be gone for a month, and then show up on our porch.  In the winter, his fur would be nice and dry, and warm, so he was staying someplace!  Plus, he'd be big and fat, too, so someone was feeding him.  I'd post pictures, but it's too much of a process for me right now.  I have to pull them off one computer, put them on my Zune, and then bring them to this computer, which is the only one that will sign online.  I let Saige take my camera on her trip, so I can't take any of new ones for you, either.

Yes, there are too many cats.  I don't like that many, either, trust me.  Punc will probably go to a new home, or if I can't find one, the pound, and her kittens will be given away or go to the pound, too.  I can't keep this many of them.  I have enough animal hair around the house to knit 17 blankets, and that's AFTER using the Swiffer Sweeper!

Oh, I found the kitten!  I went upstairs again, searching, and I could hear her crying.  I couldn't find her, though.  I looked in the closet, and she wasn't there.  I turned, and happened to see Punc climbing into the dresser.  She went into a drawer that was partially opened, and that way she could get to the drawer that was closed, so the baby couldn't be seen.  I don't know why she hid one there, and the three others were in a corner.

The four kittens, who lost their mittens, obviously.  The big white one in the front is the boy, then from left to right is a cream colored girl, a darker kitten with stripes and white on her face, and a gray one, who looks like her mother.

Kittens are adorable, but unfortunately, like kids grow to be adults, kittens grow to be cats.  Cats are not as adorable as kittens.  

My kids are:  Erma, who is 24, almost 25.  She's married to Ambrose.  Jethro, who is 22, almost 23.  He was married to Hooby Looby.  That didn't work out so well, sadly.  Dr. Lampshade, or Lamp, is my 19 year old.  He's married to Britney.  They have a volatile, up and down relationship.  Then there's my youngest, Saige, who is 17.  She was dating Mr. Clean, but she broke up with him a week and a half or so ago.  
The night before last, Saige had come home and had her phone.  While she was gone, hanging out with her best friend, Amberwavesofgrain, I had her phone.  Apparently, Dr. Lampshade didn't realize that she'd come home, and he'd tried to call me.  Numerous times.  Repeatedly.  Unfortunately, Saige was exhausted after a long day, and she was sound asleep in her room.  I was in my room, listening to the Zune, which means I had my headphones in, and was shutting out the world.  I heard the dogs barking insanely, and I went into the living room, just in time to see Lampshade coming in through the locked living room door that he'd just kicked open.  When I didn't answer, he panicked, and thought I'd been killed by Mr. Clean or was dead.  He blamed his panic on his older brother and sister, though when I talked to them, they claimed they weren't worried a bit. (I know Erma wasn't.  She knew Saige was back and knew she had the phone with her.)  No, it was Lamp who called about 14 or 15 times in a row.  

Erma and Ambrose.  I think he's tickling her leg.  

Mr Clean, wearing a blue and black striped hoody, Dr. Lampshade, and Jethro, at Erma and Ambrose's wedding.

Saige and Amberwavesofgrain.  Saige is on the left, Amberwavesofgrain on the right, with the black hair.

As for me, I'm a disabled veteran, like it says in my profile there.  I was medically discharged from the Air Force in December 1997, which seems like a million years ago.  As time goes on, my condition worsens, and if I think too much about it or how I used to be, I get sad and depressed.  I used to love Volksmarching, or just walking in the woods, but now I can't even walk around the block.  It's sometimes impossible for me to climb the stairs in the house.  Sometimes just moving is painful.  I also have some type of auto-immune disease, which has symptoms of lupus and of Rheumatoid arthritis.  So far, though, the doctors haven't diagnosed me.  I don't think they know.  My muscles along the long bones of the body become really stiff and painful, full of inflammation.  It's not fibromyalgia, as the tests confirm it's not that.  Sometimes my hands swell up so badly that I can't make a fist, and typing is excrutiating.  I also lose feeling in my arms at random times, and I've dropped more than one coffee cup or item I was carrying in my left hand.   Because I have Arnold Chiari Malformation, some of my symptoms may be caused by that.  Again, no one seems to know.  

So what do I do for fun?  I read.  Watch comedies.  I write, when I'm able.  In fact, yesterday I started in on my novel again, and I haven't wanted to do that since my mother died.  I take pictures.  Cook.  Go online, obviously.  I love reading and studying about the people who lived during the Civil War, which started with the book, "If You Grew Up With Abraham Lincoln" that I bought in 2nd grade at a garage sale.  I was fascinated.  Then my class took a trip to New Salem, where I thought that Lincoln actually cut and put up all the fence posts, so all of my pictures I took are of that stupid fence, and that captured my imagination, too.  As I've grown older, more and more of the people, especially those of Lincoln's cabinet, have fascinated me.  History is made up of people and their stories, not just dates and places.  

Soon I'm going to write up some stories I've found out about our family history.  We are directly descended from Jonathan Boone, Daniel's brother, and some of the things that happened to his daughter, her husband, and children are amazing.  One tidbit is that the Boones and the Lincolns were close, and in fact, after Daniel had scouted out Kentucky for years and then came back to Pennsylvania, saying how wonderful the game was there and how incredible the land was, the Lincolns followed him out to Kentucky.  (Hay and Nicolay)

I guess that's about it for now.  

Go in peace, be warm and filled.

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  1. hey, Mizz Lady, you're not a bad animal owner!!! FAAAAAR from it! One only has to meet BDG to know how well you take care of those in your care!

    I have a book I'd like to let you borrow when we move back into town called Abraham Lincoln: Vsmpire Hunter. Supposedly it's being made into a movie, but the book alone is great!

    I think the kids who have adopted you need a post too! :] j/k! <3 ya, Cool!Mom, you're the best!