Monday, March 28, 2011

Teo, Food, and Other Stuff

He was the most laid back cat, ever.  He also thought he was a dog.  Every time I'd feed the dogs Teo would run to the their dog bowls, and try to help himself.  He would also run to the door with the dogs whenever someone rang the doorbell or knocked, or if the dogs were standing there, wanting to go outside.  I really, really miss him.

He was a long-haired cat, with a big, fluffy tail. When he got sick, his fur became rather matted, and he lost his fluffiness.  While he was able to clean himself, he'd pull off bits of his fur.  We were astonished to see how orange his fur was under the black.  It was almost a rust color.

Though we miss him terribly, we also are glad he finally passed away.  He was so sick, and it was terrible to see this once proud, big old boy reduced to a shell of his former self, unable to clean himself or make it to the litter box.  When I'd clean him, it would hurt him, and I hated it for him.  The antibiotics and pain meds didn't make a difference at all.  

I'm sorry for the quality of some of the pictures.  A few of them were taken with a phone camera, and they didn't come out really well.

So.  On to food!

I did make the Italian sausage/kale soup, and thought it was okay, but not great.  I started by sauteeing chopped onions in some olive oil, and then I tossed them in the crock pot.   To that I added some hot Italian sausage, cut into bite sized pieces.  When the sausage was done, I added some chicken broth, and then to that I threw in the chopped kale.  I let it cook in the crock pot until the kale was soft.

If I make it again, I'll make a lot of changes.  

I'm not sure what changes I'll make, so in all honesty I might not make this again.

Yesterday Saige and I ran to several stores to do some errands.  We also went to do a couple loads of laundry.  Saige had her phone, so I would stop at various things that made me laugh, and I would say, "Take a picture of me with this giant picture of this baby!"  "Take a picture of me holding this box of brown rice!"  Saige got to giggling so hard, and she would say, "I love you so much!"

Oh, yes, that's an attractive photo of me.  Believe it or not, I'm not drugged, I'm just not looking my best here.  Huh.  Or, maybe I am looking my best!  That would be sad, wouldn't it?  Oh, mercy, I need a hair cut.  I also need gravity to stop making my girly bazoombas head for my knees.  Sigh.  Gravity sucks.  Aging sucks.  But a box of brown rice stuck in a cereal display can be hysterically funny.

If you are us, it can be funny, anyway.

Punc has taken her kittens away again, hiding them in the scary, nasty basement.  We can't find them.  This is a bad, bad thing for her to do.  The kittens are becoming active and they have their eyes and ears open now.

We need to find them.

They need to be around other cats, the dogs, and especially the humans, so they get acclimated and aren't feral, scared, kitties.  I'm going into the abyss now.  Wish me luck.

Go in peace, be warm and filled.

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