Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dear BDG,

I wasn't sure how you got those donuts, but I forgave you, because they were nasty and quite stale.  However, we need to talk.

Now, I don't know if you're in cahoots with the cats, but somehow, you got the frying pan out of the sink.  I realize that you wanted privacy from the other pets while you licked it clean, but did you have to do it in my bedroom?  Then you left it there, on the floor, covered with dog slobber, which is nearly unforgivable.  While I'm on the subject, I don't like how you are getting soup cans and cat food cans out of the garbage and are strewing them all over the house.

We have some new kittens.  No, we haven't had any for awhile, as most of ours are fixed.  However, one female who wasn't spayed yet got out, and then Teo, our sick male, got her. (Yes, I'm a  bad pet owner) He got her good.  I kept denying her pregnancy, and would say that it was simply fat growing around her belly, even when I could feel the babies moving.  These are the biggest, fattest kittens I've ever seen.  Their mother, Punc (Named Puncture, since her siblings used to beat up on her and she'd have marks on her neck from them), is feeding them, well, constantly.

I have pictures, of course, but I can't find the USB cord to connect this camera to the computer.

So, yesterday Erma picked up Hope from her daddy's house--Hope was very upset that her daddy put her in time out and yelled at her, and she was missing her mommy, who is with Jethro right now.  Erma and Ambrose are taking Hope down to see her Mommy this weekend.  So Erma brought her over so I could see her for a little bit.

Of course, Hope was much more interested in the kittens than in "Gramma Cinny".  Oh yes.  She wanted to hold the kittens and love the kittens, which bothered Punc to no end.  At one point, after she was told not to pick the kittens up and she did pick one up, she said, "But I wasn't holding it, I was just looking at it!"  I replied, "Well, look with your eyes, not with your hands, then."

There is one male in this litter, and he might have a home already.  He's bright white so far, but we don't know if he'll stay that way.  Then there's a small gray one (Punc, Jr), a cream colored one, and a little one that looks like her great-grandmother, Lil Nocka.

I keep telling Saige not to get too attached, because these kittens will not stay here.

I finally have antibiotics for Teo, though it might be too late to help him.  Still, I think he's feeling a little bit better, because he  fought me over taking that capsule this morning, and yesterday, I got it right down his gullet.

Jethro will be driving back home on his birthday.

I know this is rather short, but I don't have a whole lot to say this morning.  Well...  burned popcorn stinks.  I'm just sayin'.

I finished American Brutus and now need more reading material, preferably about Abraham Lincoln or Seward or Chase or someone in that time period.  Yes, I have some Civil War books on my Nook that I downloaded from the site, but I need more.  Lots more.

Oh, and apparently, my dad was with me at Spoon River Anthology.  I have no memory of him being there, so obviously, he didn't make an impression on me.  Sorry, Dad!

Go in peace, be warm and filled.

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