Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hell Week

This has been a rotten week for too many reasons.  Mr. Clean and Saige broke up, and he moved out.  I think that was harder on me than on Saige!  I like him, and though he has issues (who doesn't), I thought, and still think, that he's a pretty awesome guy.  I've told both him and Saige that they are very young, and that they deserve to have someone in their lives who loves each of them, problems and all.

Saige is a bit like my mom was, in that she keeps things in, mulling them over, and then, one day, she explodes or calmly states what she's been turning over in her mind.  Those of us who are not privy to her thoughts are sometimes hit out of the blue.  I used to think my mom was being ridiculous, because she might explode over me saying, "I'll do it in a minute" when she asked me to load the dishwasher.  As I got older, I realized that she was dealing with the other kids, my smart mouth, my dad being gone at work, phone calls, neighborhood kids, the dog eating her underwear or my brother's track shoes, and she'd kept calm about everything else.  Me saying, "Just a minute" was like the straw that broke the camel's back.  Saige is kind of like that.  I always thought Lampshade was my strong, silent type, but I think Saige fits that bill, too.

Mostly, though, I think a lot of times she holds things in to protect me.  Or others.  But mostly to protect me.

It doesn't, though, and now I am suffering through this break-up!!

I've heard from other moms that this is rather common.  We get attached to the boyfriends, girlfriends, and spouses of our kids, and then, when the break-ups come, we are devastated.

Ah well.

I did tell Saige that this whole deal where the boyfriend moves in will never, ever happen again.  She agreed, though she did so with a grin.

I'm not sure what that grin meant.

On the other hand, Ambrose and Erma are doing pretty well at this whole marriage thing.  He adores her, and you know, she deserves to be adored.  I adore her, but you know, that only lasts so long, and when a girl grows up, she doesn't want her mommy to adore her so much as she'd like a good man to adore her.  Or, in some cases, another girl to adore her, I suppose.  Or heck, in even other cases, a good girl AND a good man might be nice.... but I can't include all the partnerships that might exist, so just remember that Ambrose adores Erma, and she adores him.  They are both still looking for jobs.  Erma can rejoin the Army in six months, but for right now, she needs employment.

I need a cell phone. Mine was stolen.  The woman asked for a reward, and because I refused and so she didn't return the phone, it's a big crime.  It was stolen from a check cashing/bill paying store that has cameras EVERYWHERE, and the phone has GPS, so it's being tracked.  I had just paid the monthly bill for it, so in addition to really needing a phone, I feel doubly ripped off.

The cat, Teo, is still alive, and it breaks my heart.  I don't want him to die, you know, just get better, but he's not getting better.  Yesterday another ulcerated, pus-filled sore opened up by his front leg.  Though I'm still cleaning the wounds and putting on medication and all that, I feel rather hopeless about his chances.  He eats well, though.  His eyes are bright.  If you don't look at his body, you'd think you were looking at a healthy cat.

Erma and Ambrose introduced me to a delicious chicken sold at a store near their home.  This chicken is infused with either lemon and pepper, or it's barbecued, and it's sooooo good.  It's very flavorful and really juicy.  Saige didn't eat much yesterday, as she'd slept until around 4pm (long story that involves Mr. Clean), and then she ate a bowl of ravioli.  I ate a lot, and have been picking the meat from the chicken carcass all afternoon.

Yesterday was my dad's wife's birthday.  I knew it was coming, and I simply forgot it when the time came.   I feel badly, though, because I like to acknowledge birthdays, and I hate when mine is overlooked.  (February 27th, and it's not too late to send gifts.  Agnes.  Tee hee!)  Note that I have no idea when Agnes' birthday is, and I probably should know it, but alas, I have trouble remembering Saige's birthday!  Honestly, I do.  Ask her.

I found my Nook, Erma!  It was under the couch, like I suspected.  I love, love, love this thing, and it's even better now that I figured out how to put Gutenberg books on it.  I also can put my own pictures as well as music on it, too.  Seriously, Dad, you should get one.  Or Aunt L, you might like something like this, too.  The Ipod touch is really nice, but the screen is small.  The Nook is actually book-sized.

It's a really nice, sunny, fairly warm day outside today.  It would be a good day to go to the environmental center, but my hands are still very swollen, and I keep getting leg cramps, so walking isn't much fun.  Heck, I always have pain, but sometimes it's more tolerable than at other times.  I have to use a cane to keep my balance, but when my hands are swollen, I can't hold the cane.  The doctors told me I'd probably end up in a wheelchair, but I chose to ignore them.  I still ignore them, and do what I can.  It's not very much, though.  It depresses me.

So, I won't talk much more about it.

I will only say that I have a bus token here, and I have no idea where it came from.

Go in peace, be warm and filled.

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